I’ve written an ebook available in pdf, epub and mobi formats.  It’s a memoir about my experiences as a double agent for the FBI in the 1980s. The ebook contains 63 minutes of embedded audio in ten of its seventeen chapters. Most of the upcoming posts on this blog will be brief excerpts from chapters, some with audio.

A native New Yorker, I now live in Colorado Springs where I still bang nails for a living.

Roofman and his ladder


To purchase ROOFMAN for $9.95 (every transaction safe using Google Checkout®) choose a format:

Please remember this content is © 2011

  1. P Chaiet says:

    Dear John

    I am on your blog site. You have a great sense of humor. I want one of your T shirts.
    I do not see on this site tha I am on how to buy your book. I am sorry I have been busy with
    dental and re-organizing office . I want your book.

    I need a computer consultant to set somethings up for my UTUBE and update computer. I am
    also beginning to review the e-book process for myself.

    More later. Why do you not have the book for sale on this site?

  2. johnpansini says:

    Just for the record: I still live in Colorado Springs but I banged my last nail in August 2011. No work due to the economy. Now I work part-time in the library.

    What goes around comes around?

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