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Ascent/Descent of Man

Ascent/Descent of a Man

This excerpt comes from the   prologue of my book. It describes the primitive equipment used in online searching before the internet.

It also describes how one man evolved from a hairy ape to a respected librarian, and then devolved back into a hairy ape who climbed roofs and banged nails for a living.

I’m re-posting this because I love the above image. It says so much about who I really am. I’m not that crazy about bananas, though.


Russia's Federal Security ServiceLooks like Russia still has ballistic missiles, and they’re still aimed at U.S. Why am I not surprised? And according to this Associated Press article, we are still spying on them — and them on U.S. Again, why am I not surprised?

Speaking only for myself, I miss the good ole days of the cold war, because nothing terrible ever happened. There was certainty: we would never launch against the U.S.S.R and they would never launch against U.S.

The only thing that does surprise me about this story, click on this link   Russian officer convicted of spying, is that Lt. Col. Vladimir Nesterets only got 13 years and not a bullet in the head. But then, people die in American prisons all the time, so I can only assume the same holds true in Lubyanka.

This quote from the article I find particularly intriguing:

“Political scientist Pavel Salin said the case against Lt. Col. Nesterets should be seen in the context of the (Russian) presidential election.

‘The Russian authorities are pushing the idea of Russia as a besieged fortress, and in order to buttress this idea they need big, scandalous cases to show that the Western special services are active on the country’s territory,’ Salin said.”