Give Roofman Your Opinion

  1. Curtis Fisher says:

    Awesome! I just listened to some of the tapes. It brought me back to when I was reading the book, feeling like I was right there in the room listening to when you bugged the FBI. You have a lot of guts. I really enjoyed being one of the first of millions to read this book.

  2. Dave Ward says:

    Great job! It’s such a change to listen to what actually happened rather than just read about it.

  3. emilysb says:

    At first glance, Roofman is a spy story with a healthy dose of humor. Looking closer, many of the themes have been seen in countless works of fiction—except Pansini’s tale is true! His use of embedded audio files takes advantage of new technology and makes this novel unique. As such, it would sell as a great audio book. Pansini’s writing is solid, poetic at times and certainly rivals many of the bestsellers. Every once in a while, a rough edge around the script reminds the reader that the narrator is a roofer, and lends another facet to the character and charm of the novel.

  4. Eric says:

    I think you are the first to do an an “e-book” with audio. Amazing stuff, and the audio really makes the writing come alive. Hope I can get a job as your publicist when you win the Pulitzer.

  5. El says:

    Hi……… i HAVE to make time to read the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This story is about an ordinary man who gets involved in an everyday tug and pull between U.S. and Soviet espionage. It shows just how an everyday joe ( a roof repairman living and working in New York ) could get involved in counter intelligence at the height of the cold war.

    When I first started reading this, I was amazed at how indifferent the FBI was in the beginning when the Soviets approached John. The book comes with over an hour of audio tapes between John and the Soviets as well as the FBI.

    I found these gave an air of credibility and grittiness to the story. It makes you feel like you are in the room with them as it unfolds.

    The book is amusing at times and oddly patriotic. John gets to help his country, be a silent hero. Something, the American inside of me thinks is great.

    All of these things combine to weave a very intricate tale.

  7. BK says:

    Fantastic! Very Entertaining! The embeded audio adds another dimension that makes the story come alive! Really enjoyed all the different characters & their personalities that were weaved in and out of the plot!

  8. johnpansini says:

    I took this comment out of my spam folder and posted it. The guy writes for the Moscow News, A comment from a real Russian journalist. How great is that!

    I’m going to ask his news organization to write a review.

    Andrey Gorbatskiy x

    Regards for all your attempts that you’ve set on this. really interesting info.

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