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I lived in Washington Heights in upper Manhattan. The building was being renovated. When the plumbers tore into my wall, guess who they found wedged between the pipes?

This excerpt is taken from Chapter 9:

Friday, August 30th, at the Three Star Diner on 179th St.: Mike looked like he was about to up chuck his cheese sandwich. At least I had the decency to wait until he was finished eating before reminding him about a dead rat that had been entombed in my wall. Although we had briefly discussed this on the phone on yesterday…

Audio 9-3 (0:40)

… today I felt a need to embellish: “Stunk up the whole apartment. You should’ve seen it. It was all black and corroded with these disgusting hairs sticking out all over the place.” Then I noticed Mike’s nausea. “And the tail on that thing! Long, pink, and as fat as your finger.” I grinned. “What’s the matter, no rats in Jersey?”

“We don’t keep ‘em in our homes.”

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On the audio in this chapter I refer  to true American patriots: that would be the members on the senate committee. I also say, “Not that asshole.” That would be the guy in the photo to the left.

Talking with my FBI case officer, Jim Knapp, about the Iran/Contra Hearings, he gave me insights into how things work when people testify before congressional committees. As it turned out, Agent Knapp was correct: North was convicted but got off on a technicality. His testimony before the senate committee was ruled inadmissible on appeal.

More than at any other time I lived through the Katkov Affair I felt like a tiny part of history. And I will be ever grateful to Agent Knapp for sharing this information with me.

This excerpt comes from Chapter 15:


… there was an ad in the New York Times. I answered it, and one day an undercover GRU officer, Mikhail Katkov, phoned me and invited me to lunch. He said he wanted to discuss a business arrangement of mutual benefit with me.

His words sounded familiar, like I come across the exact same phrase once before. It didn’t take me long to find out where.

Excerpt from Chapter One: