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The more Ihas-nsa-leaker-edward-j-snowden-given-classified-data-to-china learn about this guy the less I care what happens to him. He’s no hero. Is he a traitor? I don’t know. Has he hurt the U.S.? Yes.

has-nsa-leaker-edward-j-snowden-given-classified-data-to-chinaMy thoughts on the matter: at this point I don’t know enough about the particulars of the case to offer an opinion.  One thing I do know, however; the damage is already done, so I hope Mr. Snowden finds asylum in another country. He seems to be well on his way. Click on this link for the latest: .

 This excerpt comes from Chapter 10. I am speaking with a librarian at the Picatinny Arsenal; that’s where American weapons systems are developed and tested. At the end of the tape, terrorism briefly comes up in the conversation. Our attitudes are flippant.

This conversation took place in 1985, sixteen years before 9/11. Who knew?