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 That’s the subtitle of my new ebook,  put on sale today, 8/27/12.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Night of the Living Unread: How Zombies Were Saved by the Bible

The year is 2112, and North America is in the grip of an ice age. Most of the population has fled to Mexico, where they are illegal aliens. A few hardy souls have chosen to stay put in the town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. A heat spell – temperatures in the 40s and 50s – awakens hordes of the living dead buried behind the Stars Hollow Public Library.

It’s up to librarian Willard M. Romney III to save the town from the zombie apocalypse.

Two political factions are vying for power in the town: democratic, big spending liberal Russell Limbaugh (“If you want it for free, vote for me!”) and the Palins, republicans Sarah and husband Dude (“You know what the difference between me and Mayor Limbaugh is? Lipstick! I don’t wear any.”).

Gridlock has kept democrats and republicans from dealing with the Stars Hollow Public Library and the walking dead. It’s up to children’s services librarian Lorelei Gilmore to step in and save the zombies.

But can she save the library from austerity?

Two women, Lorelei and Merrily the mailwoman, have complicated Willard’s life. One he was in love with, and the other one he is in love with. Both hold dark secrets. Neither is who they appear to be.

And Poor Willard M. Romney III hasn’t a clue. But he can’t help being so out of touch. It’s in his genes.

This ebook is the first in the Twilight of Stars Hollow Series. Follow Willard, Lorelei and Merrily as they deal with zombies, werewolves, were-bears, vampires, and true monsters: democrats and republicans!

Santa Claus might even drop by in this age of eternal winter.

The ebook is on sale from the Kindle Store for $2.99.