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Maybe David Petraeus would still be the DCI if  FBI agent Frederick Humphries had not gone to his congressman. Don’t you just hate it when some guys take it upon themselves to mess in national security?

I’m being factitious, of course, because that’s exactly what I did back when I was Roofman The Spy: I injected United States Customs into the Katkov Affair.

Here is my initial phone conversation with United States Customs:

Audio 15-2 (2:09)

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  I am having lunch with my FBI case officers in a diner in New Jersey. Conversation turns to Richard Miller, the first FBI agent ever arrested for spying for the Soviet Union. One of my case officers, Tom Black, has a theory. He tells me that fat people are more likely to betray their country than skinny people. He cites Miller — “A real porker” — as an example. He names his theory, “The Fat Spy Theory.”

You will also hear the voice of my Soviet case officer, Mikhail (Michael) Katkov, on a phone tap I made. The other tap is of FBI Special Agent Mike Berns. The M & M boys — I got ’em both.


 This post shows a major conflict between me and my FBI case officer, Mike Berns, in particular and, by extension, the entire Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Bureau wants a list I have in my possession, but I don’t want to give it to them. Mike uses all the power of his agency to try to “convince” — read that “intimidate” — me  turning over to the FBI a list of innocent Americans. (more…)