On the audio in this chapter I refer  to true American patriots: that would be the members on the senate committee. I also say, “Not that asshole.” That would be the guy in the photo to the left.

Talking with my FBI case officer, Jim Knapp, about the Iran/Contra Hearings, he gave me insights into how things work when people testify before congressional committees. As it turned out, Agent Knapp was correct: North was convicted but got off on a technicality. His testimony before the senate committee was ruled inadmissible on appeal.

More than at any other time I lived through the Katkov Affair I felt like a tiny part of history. And I will be ever grateful to Agent Knapp for sharing this information with me.

This excerpt comes from Chapter 15:

I’d been watching the Iran/Contra hearings all week and was very impressed with the joint committees. I especially liked the way they stuck it to North and Poindexter. I wrote the following in my journal that day:

“The patriotism exhibited by these committees is beyond reproach. By contrast, some of my own motives (as they relate to the Katkov Affair) seem venial, self-serving and small. I am not feeling so good about myself lately.”

So instead of cashing in on this small piece of positive intelligence, I photocopied the ILL and called Jim Knapp the next morning. I wanted this to be my free-be to the fee-bees. We also briefly discussed the Iran/Contra hearings:

Audio 15-1 (2:46)

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