… there was an ad in the New York Times. I answered it, and one day an undercover GRU officer, Mikhail Katkov, phoned me and invited me to lunch. He said he wanted to discuss a business arrangement of mutual benefit with me.

His words sounded familiar, like I come across the exact same phrase once before. It didn’t take me long to find out where.

Excerpt from Chapter One:

Although the general public knew nothing about information brokering in the Pre-http//www-Age, Mr. Katkov sure did. And his proposition, “a business arrangement of mutual benefit”, sounded vaguely familiar. And then I remembered that an unknown person or persons had placed an ad in the April ‘83 issue of the Bulletin of the Special Libraries Association. The ad called for information brokers interested in “contacts… for mutual benefit” to get in touch with an unnamed university library through SLA’s P.O. Box. I answered the ad, but no one ever replied. Until today? Katkov maybe?

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  1. Eric says:

    Hey John,
    Must have been pretty cool watching the start of the Info Age, with your education level in this field. I hope your book takes off soon. Enjoyed reading it.

  2. John Pansini says:

    Thanks, Eric. Who knew then how the Info Age would take off.

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