“I feel like a real spy now.”

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Audio in ebooks, Chapter Excerpts, Intelligence Gathering
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The above quote came from the audio tape below. And, yes, I did feel like a real spy. I had a large sum of money in my pocket, and the Soviets had given me a secret mission.

This excerpt comes from Chapter Eleven:

On Monday, March 31st, at 5 p.m., Michael pulled an envelope out of the left breast pocket of his navy blue sports jacket. It was white, fat and stuffed with cash. He flipped it to me. Splat! It hit the Formica top of the kitchen table; there it lay. I stared, eyes slowly widening. I imagined myself tip-toeing through a patch of tulips with petals made of one hundred-dollar bills. Ah, the sweet smell of money. Could life get any better?

Whatever this guy wanted for his money, I’d worry about it later. I scooped up the envelope and peeked inside. Shit, fuck, and all profanities in between. Fifties! A rain cloud dumped on my field of dreams turning it into a big slush of mud.

“Here is $700,” he said. “We would like you to go to California to meet with that chap we spoke of before.” That had to be Bob at CMAS.

As quickly as it came, the rain passed; the sun shined again. An all expenses paid trip to California. That made me a secret agent with a secret mission. Could life get any better?

Michael continued, “You are to establish a business relationship with him.”

When I asked for more specificity – like what exactly was I to do and say — he replied, “You will know.”

After Michael left, I beeped Mike. He called back, and I told him about the trip:

Audio 11-1 (1:35)

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  1. EL says:

    i love this…. i love your style of writing………..

  2. Curtis Fisher says:

    The book is awesome. A must read for anyone interested in good writing.


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