I was working as a reference librarian in Columbia University’s engineering library. Who knew that that place would be such a hotbed of intrigue.

And who knew my working there would make the Soviets so uncomfortable.

Something about Columbia still spooked Michael. When I told him that I was going to use my position as reference librarian as a cover in dealing with CMAS, he said, “And if they offer themselves to Columbia University library, what you will do?”

“No, no. I’ll give my name. It’ll come to my mailbox.”

He pointed to the floor. “Here?”

“No at Columbia.”

“And somebody will look through your mailbox.”

I laughed in his face. “Michael, this is America. Not Russia. People don’t open other peoples’ mail here.”

Audio 13-3 (0:15)

“John, don’t tell me about Columbia University. I tell you don’t do it.”

“OK. Whatever you think is best, Michael. After all–” I put my hand to my mouth and whispered — “you’re the spy.”

“Yes of course, John. If you want to think it, think it.”

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