This event, taken from Chapter 14, occurred in 1987. Me and the FBI came to the conclusion that I was being passed off to a new GRU officer. I was working at Columbia University’s engineering library at the time — a real hotbed of intrigue. (I’m not kidding.) This is what happened, and this is what I told me FBI case officer, Jim Knapp, on the phone:

Tuesday, May 5th, 6:30 p.m.: I had the late shift all to myself in Columbia’s engineering library. A man — tall, slim, dark like an Indian or Pakistani, mid 40s, in a light gray suit and dark tie — stood by an index table. I sat at the reference desk. He motioned for me to join him. His sharp facial features and stealthy demeanor reminded me of a weasel.

“I am looking for a particular book,” he said in accented English. “Can you help me?” His tone: master to servant. I sensed that he came from a country where class distinctions were strictly defined, but this wasn’t his fucking country. Here in New York City, Brahmans and Untouchables competed for the same subway seats.

He said the book was by a man named Boyd and titled, Electronic Countermeasures. Then he mentioned something about the book being classified.

“Then forget it, it’s not here,” I said gruffly and turned to walk back to my desk.

“No, no. It is merely based on classified material. The book itself is not classified.”

Classified or not, the title sounded familiar, so as soon as I got home I rummaged through Michael’s old want lists. I found that he had asked for the same book back in November ‘84.

I debriefed my FBI case officer, Jim Knapp, on the phone the next day:

Audio 14-2 (2:41)

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  1. CB says:

    Very intereesting – 🙂

    Good audio link.

  2. Eric V says:

    Yeah I remember this part of the book. Interesting as was the rest of the book.

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