The Bug in the Rug

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Audio in ebooks, Chapter Excerpts
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I was already taking a big risk by taping my meetings with Mikhail Katkov in my apartment for the FBI. The way I figured it, why should they have all the golden memories? I wanted a tape too.

However, my apparatus cost about $50, whereas their device cost $3,000. That meant I had to be very careful in secreting my recorder.

On Monday, November 3rd, Michael (Katkov) called. He said he’d been recovering from a “long illness”, and that was why he hadn’t gotten in touch with me sooner. I told him to bring a lot of money with him because I had a new job:

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On Monday, November 10th, the burnt orange rug still lay rolled up against the far wall opposite the sofa — although the renovation on my apartment had been completed I’d been slow putting things back together. I didn’t like the way the cats eyeballed that rug. Tucked neatly inside a fold was my recorder, its built-in mike aimed at the sofa. Bookie, the kitten, began poking her nose into the fold. Even Stinky, the stupid one, acted curious. The problem: what if one of these felines decided that my recorder was their toy and dragged it out while Michael was here?

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