Dick Cheney & Water-Boarding

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Dick Cheney, Intelligence Gathering, Water-boarding
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 You might think I’m stepping out of bounds on this one, but since it does involve intelligence and intelligence gathering, I will add my two cents. Ninety-eight more and we’ll have a dollar.

I was watching MSNBC’s Hardball today, and listened to Bob Baer, a former CIA officer, and Cliff Maye, from the Foundation for Defense of Democracy, debate whether water-boarding should ever be used. Both argued good points.

Personally, I think water-boarding is torture. I am against it under any circumstances because it produces only answers the water-boarders want to hear. People being water-boarded will say anything to it stop.

With this in mind, I would like to pose a question: Did the Bush Administration water-board to gather the intelligence they wanted to hear; i.e. that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction?

I have yet to hear someone ask this question. I’d love to see an independent commission investigate what intelligence was gathered by what methods of interrogation.

  1. schoolofcat says:

    Great question. That’s how research works: propose your hypothesis and then go about proving it. We all tend to see the world through our particular tunnel visions. History has proved just what a dark tunnel it was.

  2. CB says:

    Come on – what’s a little water between friends?

    If anyone wants to know what it’s like – swim under water then do a barrel roll so that you face is looking towards the surface – you might want to have someone watch you because it can produce a near drowning event – quite a moment.

    Yep, it’s torture – fear of death counts.

    • John Pansini says:

      My biggest problem with water-boarding isn’t the fact that it is torture — which leaves our service personnel at risk. What concerns me more is: Did the government use W-Bing to get the answers they wanted? That’s why I’d like an investigation.

      Roofman The Spy

  3. malaban says:

    I don’t think the Bush administration had to go those lengths, i.e., waterboarding, to get the answers they wanted. They just had to ask the right people. Easy peasy.

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